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Working Group of Women Parliamentarians Held a Meeting to discuss on the topics for the 27th Annual Meeting of APPF

6/19/2018 8:46:39 PM

H.E. Ms. Khuon Sudary, Chairwoman of Women Parliamentarians Group of the National Assemblyled a meeting to decide on three topics among the six topics drafted by the Working Group, and one new topic was added during the meeting.

The meeting was held in the afternoon of 5th June, 2018 at the National Assembly palace and attended by women MPs, representatives of Ministry of Women’s Affairs, representatives from Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia, and staff members of Cambodian APPF secretariat.

H.E. Ms. Khuon Sudary told the participants to select topics that serve the common interests of all APPF member countries, and this will help the participating countries to fully share their ideas and experiences in the upcoming meetings.

She added that among all APPF member countries, there are small, big, middle and rich countries. Given its geographical, economic and social status of all APF members can prove that the APPF is designed to push the Asia-Pacific region to promote dialogue, cooperation, and jointly addressing and solving global issues.

Following the comments of MPs and Senators, representatives of the Ministry of Women's Affairs, representatives of the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia and officials of the APPF National Secretariat, the meeting decided to select three topics for submitting to the Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific Parliament in July. The three topics include:

1. “Strengthening Asia-pacific region partnership for gender equality and

empowerment of women and girls for peace and sustainable development”

2. “Ensuring equality for all women and men to education, technical and

information technology for sustainable peace and achieving SDGs”

3.“Promoting gender equality and women empowerment in decision-making at all levels”.

Finally, she expressed her thanks to all members of the meeting who participated in the comments in the selection of the three topics. She also advised representatives from the Ministry of Women's Affairs as well as the Cambodian Parliamentary Institute and Working Groups to take these selected topics to the heads of their respective institutions for consideration or to have a complementary point to be addressed before submitting to the Executive Committee of the APPF.


Photos and article courtesy by Information Department