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APPF Future Work: “Possibility of Establishment Permanent Secretariat of APPF”

6/19/2018 9:05:29 PM

In the afternoon of June 15, 2018, H.E. Sok Eysan, Chairman of Working Group of APPF Future Work led a meeting to select topics for this matters. The meeting being held at the National Assembly of Cambodia, was comprised of working members of Cambodian APPF secretariat and the senior advisers to the National Assembly from the GIZ foundation.

H.E. Sok Eysan said that the raising topics should be consistent with the global trends and serving common needs and interests of all APPF members. He further said that among the four topics prepared and discussed by the APPF’s Future Work working group, the only one selected topic is “Possibility of Establishment Permanent Secretariat of APPF”.

According to H.E. Sok Eysan, Chairman of the meeting, said that the decision to select the topic above is based on the fact that the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum has not yet set up its secretariat since the first place. This issue has become problems for countries hosting annual forum on researching issues, documentation, communication and so on. He added that this topic also aims to ensure the sustainability of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

H.E. Sok Eysan expressed his gratitude to all the members joining and sharing ideas and opinions on the topic in today’s meeting.

In the preparatory process for the annual meeting of the 27th APPF which will be hosted by Cambodian parliament in January 2019 in Siem Reap, the Cambodian Parliament has set up working groups on 5 different matters. Each working groups of any matters has already discussed and selected their topics up until now.

According to the work plan, the Cambodian Parliament will submit all those topics to the ten country members in Executive Committee of the APPF in July.

Photos and article courtesy by Information Department