5/23/2018 9:29:20 PM

Although the APPF is a loosely-structured organization the following organs may be recognized:

- APPF Annual Meeting

- Presidency - Honorary Presidency

- Executive Committee

- Drafting Committee

- Working Groups


The Annual Meeting

It is the highest decision-making organ. The members of the APPF meet annually. The host of each annual meeting is determined at the preceding one. The host of each annual meeting chairs the event and makes the necessary arrangements for the gathering, bearing the organization costs, while the participants cover their expenses for attending the meeting.


The Presidency

The host country of the Annual Meeting shall appoint a President from the host parliament who shall serve as President from May in the year preceding the Annual Meeting until April following this event. The President represents the APPF and will serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee.


Honorary Presidency

The APPF shall appoint the founding APPF President as Honorary President in order to ensure the benefits from continuity of leadership. There shall be no limit to the term of the Honorary Presidency. The Honorary President shall advise the Executive Committee and the Annual Meeting, as required.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has been established to study matters required for the management of the APPF. The Annual Meeting elects the Executive Committee members among subregion representatives, who are joined by the representative of the host country, the next Annual Meeting host country, and of countries designated by the Honorary President. The Executive Committee Meeting is chaired by the President of the APPF. The Executive Committee meets at least once a year, usually immediately prior to the Annual Meeting, and assists the host of the annual meetings.


Drafting Committee

A drafting committee shall be established at the Annual Meeting on the advice of the Executive Committee to prepare draft resolutions and a draft joint communiqué for consideration, adoption, and release at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.


Working Groups

Working groups may be established by the Annual Meeting, on the advice of the Executive Committee, to examine specific issues, or to create a new joint draft resolution in place of multiple existing proposals with similar content, and submit this to the Draft Committee.